Catchy Store Names & Taglines

sitting-elf.jpgThere’s a restaurant in town called the Bilbo Baggin’s Cafe – their tagline? “Great Service is More Than Just a Hobbit”

Other store names that caught my eye…

  • A bakery called the Upper Crust
  • A bookstore called Books & Crannies
  • A hair salon called Bangs & Burns

I’ll keep my eye out for more and post as I see them. What are some wacky store names you’ve seen?

BTW, if you’re looking to create your own unique store name, Sam Horn wrote the book.

130 thoughts on “Catchy Store Names & Taglines

  1. if possible, could u give me ideas of store names?? it would really help..something catchy..

  2. please help me find a name for a dvd rental store i want to open.
    thank you for your help

  3. Hi,

    lokking for a name for my retail store dealing in ladies outfit ..casual and semiformals



  4. Hey….those were some great names….buh i was wondering if you could help me think of an AMAZING name for this clothing store i wanna open…itsz like tees and hoodies and such….buh itsz gunna be a mix of everything
    –buh it will be really appreciated..thanksz

  5. I need a catchy name for a thrift/consignment store that is opening in 3 weeks…I need help, pleeeese?!

    Thank you,

  6. Hi, could you please create some great catchy names for a store that I want to open in a retail space in a busy mall. The store deals with jewelry mainly in silver and unique gem stones. I would also like to create a website and of course, the name should be also used as the .com name. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Your’s truely.

  7. Greatings,
    I have recently bought a run down restaurant. It is to articulate for the area it is in. I need a name that portrays modern australian cuisine and concentrates on the 18 – 35 year old public. 😦 im on a corner. everthing i have thought of is taken..

  8. Hi,
    Please suggest a name for a BAKERY.
    We are planning to open in a sub-urban area.


    Narottham Reddy

  9. Hi, am i looking for a name for a online clothing store! We would be carrying a selective and mordern collection……

    Thanks in advance

  10. I need a name for my clothing store. I sell expensive brand name clothing, and i want something catchy like Clothes Over Bros

  11. I’m desperate! I’ve been trying to think of a name for my online store. but no luck. It’s for cupcakes & quite possibly other desserts as well. any ideas?

  12. i am going to open a new franchise for retail mens garments……………for that i need a good name for it…..

  13. Need a catchy tag line for online store selling mainly baby/children’s clothing

    The store name flutterbuzz

  14. I would like a very catchy name for my new book shop in india.,

  15. Hi,

    I need a catchy tagline for me shop selling organic and Unique baby stuffs. As the shop name already explain organic, maybe a tagline that describe unique.

    Many thanks

  16. Hi,

    Great names! I’m thinking of opening a vintage trinket store that sells hand-made shabby chic vintage inspired accessories. Can you help me think of a name?!


  17. Hi! Starting with my own Sugar cane juice business in a Shopping mall. Wanted some really catchy names for it. I have thought of ummm maybe- Cane Fantasy, or Cane Stories. Can u guys think of any more..

  18. I need a name for an online store. Sells a variety of things, clothing, health accessories, etc.

  19. Best you should change the webpage name title Catchy Store Names & Taglines Andrea Goulet to something more specific for your subject you create. I liked the the writing nevertheless.

  20. Guys im opening a perfumerie in lebanon any ideas for a catchy name? if anyone can reply ASAP ill appreciate it Thanks..:)

  21. Hello I am opening an online shop selling all sorts including clothing for kids ,men,ladies, bags,shoes, fashion accessories femmine items etc.

  22. hi i need a unique but eye catchy name of a shop (beauty products, men/women/kids apparrel, health and accessories)..please help me guys, thanks 🙂

  23. i need a unique, two-word and eye catchy online shop name…about health, beauty and style..please help thanks 🙂

  24. I need eye catchy name for my real estate business and unique punchline please do help me.


  25. hey,
    i’m planning on opening an electronics store….. Anybody got any catchy names for my store?????????? Would be a great help if anyone had any suggestions…….


  26. please suggest a name for retail store….as our strategy is to target price conscious customers and wanted to gain market share…competitors will be Big Bazaar…subhiksha…more..

  27. I need help on my friends store he sells used tools, household accessories, handbags, home decor

  28. i am launching a brand for men’s wear, like us polo, indian terrain etc..
    can u suggest a good brand name.. that can build into sthn great?

    thank u


  29. i need a cool , catchy name for my store tat sells clothing for teens

  30. I need a name for my consignment store that will cater to designer clothes almost like an imitation to platos closet..

  31. hai, iam opening a new shop in my town .my shop selling shoe’s for all kind’s ,children, men s, women’s . So plz give me a suggest for good catchy name for my shop, thank you…!

  32. I am opening a resale shop. We clean out forclosed homes to get our inventory. I need a catchy name,please!!

  33. I need the Tag line for the kids wear the name which we decided is baboosh
    Vision/mission statements:To become consumers’ first choice for affordable and international feel children’s wear in India.
    Words describing the company:Innovation, team work and passionate

  34. Shoe store names:
    If the shoe fits..
    Quite a Pair
    Pretty Feet

    Bakery names:
    Bun in the Oven
    Nice Buns!

    Clothing store names:
    My Sister’s Closet
    Daily Wear
    Clothes to You
    Tops and Tanks
    Elegant Offerings
    Put it on!
    Cover up
    Fit You
    Get Dressed
    Day and Night

  35. Hi ,

    I need help coming up with a catchy store name for a baby shop that makes mom’s life easy and having kids on the go, provide them with gadgets and fun stuff for babies and kids.


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  37. Hi there,

    I need help with a catchy name for a jewelry store dedicated to sell only handcrafted filigree from Colombia (South America). It is unique, beautiful and elaborated.



  38. i don’t know what to brand my new work wear collection with story line
    to feel very international brand.pls help me

  39. I am looking for a catchy name for a consignment store that I will be selling used/namebrand womens,children,mens clothing, jewelry ect… Vintage/antique items, home decor. Any ideas???

  40. Need a catchy name for a retail uniform store. ie: scrubs, law enforcement uniforms, school uniforms, etc. PLEASE HELP 🙂

  41. hey can you plzzz help me find a name….

    we are a group of young businessmen are in the process of establishing a new online business, selling different types of high quality products, at extremely reasonable prices.

    we are currently in the process of finding a suitable and catchy brand name for our company.

    Brand Name Requirements

    The suggested brand name must have the following features:

    1. Name must be in English language (Arabic words written in English are accepted)

    2. Name must not exceed 2 words

    3. Name must be easy to read, write, pronounce and memorize

    4. Name must carry a generic meaning, not related to any type of business/industry

    5. Meaning of the name must imply that the buyer is making a smart decision by deciding to buy from this shop/brand, since buyer will benefit both from the high quality and reasonable price that he will be getting in return.

    and plzzzzzz i need it fast … :S

  42. I need help trying to find a great name for a new release DVD store if you could help it would be greatly appreciated thank you!

  43. Hie guyz
    Pliz help me with a cool catchy name for a ladies boutique I wanna open, wch sellz handbagz and shoes.


  44. im planning to have small sari2x store,hav frozen foods and bakery,whats the best name of my store..tnx

  45. could you give me taglines for my baby and children stuff store? my store is fadhilshop

  46. I need a shop name for a shop selling Taiwanese dessert like snowflake.pls help.tq

    • -Meowing Kittens
      -Throbbing Snowflake
      -Gassy Surprise Desserts Store

  47. I want an store name for gift items like german silver products including puja products.other items including like serving trays and platters,bowls,cups etc.some thing related to indian tradition as well as stylish

  48. I’m opening a new clothing boutique and i need a sparkling name no one has used before. Thank u

  49. i m opening Branded Garment shop. Please suggest a good name for it.

  50. i’m planning on opening an antique store….. Anybody got any catchy names for my store?????????? Would be a great help if anyone had any suggestions…….

  51. Any nice yet catchy name for a small online phone casing business. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

  52. I am needing a great name for my new on-line store. The store will feature items for sale that are “my favorites”….earrings, Gymboree clothes for kids, anything that I love! Any ideas? I came up with Melanie’s Favorite Things…not enthused about this. My business name for years has been Red Crayon Designs.

  53. Hi

    I need a catchy name and tagline for a online gift store which im launching soon.

    Please suggest some.


  54. Help! I reallyyyyyy need a great name for my on-line store. I am selling a wide variety of items…earrings, childrens clothes, Halloween shoes that I make, etc. Basically, there are items that I would call “My Favorites”….any ideas…I am desperate!

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  56. hey please suggest me a authentic name with alphabet h or k .. this is going to be a clothing brand(indian wear) which is going to have stores in 5 cities in india. please get backk asap..! please

  57. hi, iam opening small convenient store, please give me nice and catchy store name.. please.. appreciate your immediate feedback.. thank you.

  58. Hello. I am going to open an online shop very soon which sells variety of items from female accessories, children’s toys, school stuffs, earrings, organizers,etc… Can anyone suggest what’s a very good catchy store name. I’d really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

  59. Hello to all,

    I am opening a store that sells teenage/adult women and men clothing and will also have a section for home goods.

    PLEASE help me with a slogan/phrase that will incorporate all of this.

    Thanks in advance for your creative minds!

  60. Nice and catchy store name and tag line for a vintage clothing and vintage camera online store or even just random name like i saw “miniature rhino” though it was awesome.

  61. need a store name for fashionable clothes for women, kids and men, jewelries and accsesoories also

  62. Hello Everyone. I am a member of a professional Barbecue Competition Team with the name of The Beverly Grillbillies. We have competed on several FoodTv shows. The network has asked a few times if we had a tag line for our team name for the advertising. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

  63. Hi I’m opening a Online Womens & Girls Clothing store, does anyone know any good names or websites I can find this out? i’m going to register in Oz, Thanks heaps

  64. I’m looking for a name for an online jewellery business I’m about to start up. I will be selling real gold and silver with gemstones. Thanks

  65. Hi! I’m from Argentina (please apologise if my english is baaad) Here in my country it’s very common for boutique stores put names of movies or great parts of songs. An example of that is this brand: “como quieres que te quiera”

    I’m looking a clothing store name to.. I hope some name come soon!!!

  66. help me find the catchest general store name thanks you will make a big difference in my life.

  67. Help, I am starting an eBay/online store that carries Western, blunt, camo, lace, trendy jeans, kids, adults, boots and I need a catchy name and tag line. Help please, my husband is coming up with crazy names!

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