Sales as ethical and moral? Seriously, you can do that?

Scott Lundergan left a comment on my recent blog post 101 Ways to Market Your Small Business that addresses a key point to my philosophy.


Great article. With alot of the successful e-commerce businesses I have partnerships and relationships with, much of their success was built around branding and trust, rather than “hard selling”, which is similar to what you mentioned when people look at sales from an outside point of view in the beginning of your article. Like so much of your article and tips mention about providing value and building trust to consumers with great content and what customers are looking for, sales shouldn’t have the mistrusted ways it had just years ago.

More and more businesses are starting to really understand that in today’s e-commerce world where customer attention span really needs to be “grabbed and maintained”!

Great post Andrea!

All the best,

Scott Lundergan

I couldn’t agree more. The way I see it, our goal as marketers is to find those people who would really benefit from the product or service that we have. With that frame of reference, we’re not manipulating people – we’re helping people.

Don’t believe me? Think of the last time you found a product that really solved your needs. Maybe you even exclaimed it, “Wow! I’m so glad that I found this!”Zafu - Jeans that fit

I know recently I had a similar experience. I’ve always had a difficult time finding jeans that fit (like most women). A friend told me about where you answer a few questions and they search for the brand of jeans that is most likely to fit you best. Then I went to the store and for the first time in my life tried on a pair of jeans that really fit. Lifelong problem – solved.

Now, because happened to make a profit from the advertising on their site, does that make them manipulative? I think not. As long as your product or service offers a genuine value your mission should be to help as many people as possible.

Thanks, Scott for your comment. It’s always an adventure to hear other people’s opinions about sales and marketing.


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