Could you win Richard Branson’s $25 Million Dollar Prize?

Richard Branson & Al GoreSir Richard Branson, the quirky and exuberant executive of Virgin (airlines, mobile, records, and the list goes on…) announced today a $25 million reward to the first scientist who can create “a commercially viable design which results in the removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases so as to contribute materially to the stability of Earth’s climate.” For details, you can check out

Branson, a PR guru, has demonstrated a valuable lesson on how to capitalize on your philanthropy. Rather than simply stroking a check, using an innovative approach to a cause that you believe in (who doesn’t love a contest?) is a sure-fire way to generate buzz.

Now, you may be saying – I don’t have $25 million to promote my business. That’s not the point – it’s the ingenuity I’m pointing out. Think outside the checkbook and notice what motivates people.


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A number of people have left comments asking me to contact them about their submission for this contest. I am not affiliated with this contest and my blog was mearly a commentary on the publicity tactics of Richard Branson. To enter, you must visit Click on terms and conditions for contest details.

Best of luck.

Andrea Morris
Write Ideas Marketing