50 Ideas to Immediately Combat Writers Block

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Writer’s block – the dreaded enemy of all authors. This post features ideas on how you can scale it, get over it, and be on your merry way in a flash.

1. Read blogs about your subject.

2. Cover your computer screen and go stream of consciousness.

3. Get some fresh air and go for a walk/run.

4. Visit a museum.

5. Browse photos at istockphoto.com.

6. Interview people regarding your topic.

7. Visit an online forum and see what others are saying.

8. Change your scenery. Move your writing to a coffee shop or park.

9. Look around your house and make associations with inanimate objects.

10. Organize your workspace. A clear desk means a clear mind.

11. Draw instead using storyboards.

12. Ask a question to your network on LinkedIn or Facebook.

13. Take a bubble bath.

14. Go to a busy place and people watch.

15. Meet with other writers using meetup.com

16. Mind map your subject.

17. Browse Youtube for videos regarding your subject.

18. Go to the library and check out books.

19. Use the visual thesaurus to get ideas for new words.

20. Talk to a kid.

21. Stare out a window.

22. Record yourself talking – then transcribe your thoughts.

23. Go to itunes or napster. Type your subject into the search box & listen to those songs.

24. Paint or draw a picture of your subject.

25. Cook a meal that your character or target market would enjoy.

26. Take a nap.

27. Outline the big picture.

28. Write about your goals for this project.

29. Meditate.

30. Work backwards. Write the ending first.

31. Read inspiring quotes.

32. Listen to “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield.

32. Dance.

33. Look at a lava lamp.

34. Write a list of nouns synonymous with your subject.

35. Write a list of adjectives that describe your subject.

36. Write a list of verbs that your subject would do.

37. Lie down in a patch of grass & watch the clouds go by.

38. Call a friend or family member and get their opinion.

39. Braindump all of your “to dos” onto a piece of paper to clear your mind.

40. Eat a stalk of celery.

41. Paint your toenails a pretty pink. Not your thing? Try using a powertool to make something.

42. Sing at the top of your lungs.

43. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths.

44. Stretch.

45. Balance your chakras.

46. Visit freerice.com & expand your vocabulary

47. Change your font or writing instrument.

48. Work on a different project.

49. Change the lighting in your room.

50. Add your idea in the comment section below, bookmark this page & reference it again the next time you have writers block.

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20 thoughts on “50 Ideas to Immediately Combat Writers Block

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  6. “A clear desk means a clear mind.” Remember what Einstein ( a notoriously chaotic person, at least in certain areas, including his desk) said, though: “If a clear desk means a clear mind, what does an empty desk mean?” πŸ™‚

  7. Oh wow! Nice list! I usually experience this and it is great to have other options to do other than what I have been doing. What I usually do when I am doing my essays, I munch my favorite snack – Pringles! It is like relaxing my mind, not just feeding my stomach:)

  8. Thanks so mcuh, a big help for this huge project i have to finish by the deadline of April 12!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Wonderful post! You have so many ideas that would help. My favorite was “change your font or writing instrument.” These days, pen and paper are hardly used to write, but that in and of itself would be relaxing.

    Take care,


  10. This list blows. If you have writers block, grab a straight edge and cut up the vein. No fool that loses their train of interest in their own shit should continue writing a story that is intended to capture the interest of an audience. Here’s something to add to your list: Go running. Your feet create a beat. Start making your own songs. It’s called life. Bye.

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