New Name, But Still Sweet.

Shakespeare was a pretty savvy scribe when he wrote “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Look above and you’ll see that my name has changed.

New name, same writer. And just to fill you in, I’ve decided to go back to my maiden name for my nom de plume.
To your success,

Andrea Goulet (formerly Andrea Morris)

2 thoughts on “New Name, But Still Sweet.

  1. hi Andrea,

    Im Zuzana from Slovakia, my desire is to develop strategy on how to introduce a new “detox” method
    in Uk , after having very positive personal experience. This method restored my healt. I have had ME for 3 years. As this stopped me from working I unfortunatelly at this stage dont have enough funds to
    start it off myself, and even I was looking for partnership no much luck so far. The market is craving for something like this, but to meet right people is difficult. I would like to ask you
    one question, and will appreciate your honesty and will understand whichever way you decide to reply.

    I need a help from the person like you are. At this very moment cant afford to pay for your expertise, but what I can offer is a test and treatment for chronic illnesses, for you or anybody else you decide to choose. Would you be happy to accept such a deal. The only reason Im writting to you, is beacuse I like your creative thinking – Im creative thinker myself, and also the spiritual side of what you do .

    thank you for your time


  2. Andrea:

    I like it. Goulet fits you. It sounds magical and lyrical. I hope you are enjoying your new position. I hope you link to some of your work so we can keep up with what you are doing.

    Back at you– to your success!


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