A Potential Adieu

cat-out-of-the-bag-2.jpgWell, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. I’ve accepted a position as a Senior Copywriter for a large Fortune  500 company and I’m super stoked about this opportunity.

See, landing a job as a full-time copywriter is sort of like a singer who makes it to Broadway. There are simply too few organizations who can afford a full-time position that most of us end up freelancing to make the best of it. I’ve certainly enjoyed freelancing and I’m looking forward to working with and learning from a team of top talent.

So….the question remains. What am I to do with my blog? I won’t have the time to dedicate like I did when I was freelancing. Yet, my readership is decent and I don’t want to disappoint. I’m considering continuing to post once a week or so as long as I have people who are getting value out of what I have to say. Like I said in my bio – I don’t want to be blogging just to hear myself type.

So, please, let me know your thoughts. What do you enjoy reading the most and how can I continue to serve you through this blog? Leave your answer in the comments below.  🙂

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7 thoughts on “A Potential Adieu

  1. First of congratulations are in order for your getting a part in the “show”. Now if time for you to personally blog is the problem why don’t you invite some of your professional associates who you really respect to blog with you as guest bloggers?

  2. Congrats, Andrea! No one deserves a gig like that more than you. I’ll be anxious to hear details and to continue reading your blog!

  3. Andrea,

    Congratulations! It’s wonderful when great things happen to passionate people.

    I get value and pleasure from reading your posts because they are filled with passion and strategy.

    I have a feeling that your job will give you much needed outlet, but your blog my also still give you an expressive outlet to share with the world.

    Whatever you do, keep the passion! It’s contagious!

  4. Yikes! I can’t say I would have made the same decision, but congratulations on that. I personally got into freelancing because I wanted the freedom (and to get rid of my boss), and I can’t fathom taking another “real” job.

  5. Congratulations Andrea!

    And yes, keep your blog alive so we can all read, one day, about your promotion to creative director. The nice thing about a blog, from my perspective, is writing what you want to write about in-between writing for clients. It keeps things fresh. I think you might find the same.


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