Genius and Insomnia

Genius and insomnia seem to go hand in hand. Why is it that my best ideas creep into my mind at 3am while I lie solemnly with my head on a pillow attempting to get some z’s?

Does anyone else experience this, or is my muse the only insomniac?

7 thoughts on “Genius and Insomnia

  1. There are times when I’ve experienced those 3am moments of inspired ideas.

    I started keeping a pad and pen by my bed so that I could capture the thoughts while they were fresh.

    I also started to realize that my mind produced those ideas at that time because that was the time I gave it to relax.

    Now, I recognize that my creative side needs a little stimulation every now and then. Thus, I proactively search for places I can go to give my creative-side the stimulation it needs.

    Hopefully this helps.

  2. While I am not an expert on genius my personal experience is with chronic insomnia. The kind that gets you hospitalized from being awake for 5-8 days w/o 5 minutes of sleep. By no means do I consider myself a genius but 8 differenct psychologists have determined that I do not have anxiety or emotions based insomnia. You see, while awke all night I create complex math problems for fun. Mostly Trig, Calculus and Physics based. I also have a degree in piano performance. I do not wake up or remain awake with a new musical motiff I do entertain my nightly wakefullness with math and physics. I wish I could offer cures, suggestions, anything but my plethora of medical specialists are stumped also. Sorry.

  3. Stress caused me to go from Manic/bi-polar to Turrett Syndrome and ended up as insomnia.

    I believe it has something to do with un-crisscrossing the brain because I also had terrible dislyxia. and could hardly type.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I agree with that, I get my best work done late at night. I can;t telll how many times I get emails from friends and associates asking if I ever sleep. I think after all of the daytime activities are done, you get a chance to clear your mind at it focuses on opportunitites without all the intereference

  5. Hi
    Nice to read about this
    I have been a chronic insomniac since I was a teen. I am now 37.
    I have for 20 years struggled to get sleep because of ideas creeping into my mind, and silhouettes of design, stage characters shaping up by the hundred into my brain all at once.
    I have also been very self-destructive along the years.
    I would like to give you a big hug right now.
    I am also a business woman, but mainly an artist.
    I saw therapists and underwent CBs, and stuff….
    Torture, but did not help.
    One therapist advised me to let my thoughts flow into my mind, instead of repressing them, as otherwise I would only create a backlog, and make it worse.
    I have learnt to live with this, but have a very little income.

    I am just very proud of my achievements, even though not monetary…

  6. I work out entire principles procedures and best practises within my company when I cannot sleep. Resolving social and professional matters that arises daily in the corporate environment.

  7. I have these periods too. They come up roughly every fortnight. I don’t get ideas as such. What I do is, in my mind, I will compose/play the most incredible and completely original music as I go along. It’ll range between dance, classic and pop or admixtures of those genres. I’ll have a beat and melody in my head and, at will, I’d introduce new instruments that fall seamlessly in to place and in real time. I wish in these moments I could somehow record what is being heard within my mind because if I could I’d be a very rich man.

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