Welcome to the blogosphere, Pen Maestro!

brian-and-andrea-for-blog.jpgIt’s official – my little brother’s a blogger. ๐Ÿ™‚

You could say our family is just a bit on the entrepreneurial side. My dad owns a power cleaning company, my mom a laser engraving company, I’m a writer and my brother makes custom pens.

Earlier this weekend while we were out to dinner, Brian (my brother) talking rather passionately about his craft.

“Why don’t you blog?” I inquired.

He admitted that the thought really never crossed his mind, but upon doing some research we discovered that his niche is well searched with minimal competition (always a good combo!) and within a few hours my bro became a blogger.

Here are some reasons why I think Brian will excel at blogging:

1. Pure Passion – Brian could talk about pens for hours. He loves this stuff. And as I’ve said before – passion is the #1 ingredient to any good blog.

2. Narrative Writing Style – Brian is a natural blogger because he is able to tell stories from his own life and then extrapolate a universal lesson from his experience. Think Aesop’s fables – what’s the moral of the story?

3. Building a Community – While ulitmately Brian would like to sell more of his custom-made pens because of the blog, his real reason for the project is to create a community with others out there that share his passion. As he puts it, “I’m stuck in the workshop all day. It’s therapeutic to document all of the things I learn and find other people who can benefit from my experiences.”

Click here to visit Brian’s blog “The Pen Maestro”

Click here to visit Brian’s website and purchase some custom pens, wine bottle stoppers or letter openers for you or a friend.

Congrats, Pen Maestro!!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the blogosphere, Pen Maestro!

  1. Yup, you definitely roped me in. I’m now a blogaholic. Is that a term? Probably…I don’t know, it’s like having to learn a foreign language with all this blog terminology. I think you just take two normal words and press them together. Like instead of blog terminology, it would be “bloginology”. Yeah? No? You wait, it’ll catch on. Anyway, thanks sis, for the wonderful article on, well, me! I know I’m your brother so I may have a slight bias, but as objectively as I can, I must say you definitely know your stuff about blogs (and marketing as a whole). If nothing else, I will prove my wild pen making success as a result of your expertise and assistance. You rock.

  2. Yes, blogoholic is a term – if it wasn’t before, now it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    btw, i’ll give you your check for the compliments later. ๐Ÿ˜‰ seriously, congrats. I love reading your ideas – you’re a natural. ๐Ÿ™‚

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