Attention All Real Estate Agents…

stopsign.jpgStop, I repeat STOP putting me on your weekly or monthly newsletter when I haven’t asked you to. Just because I sat next to you at a networking event and gave you my card does not mean that we have a relationship. Do you even know that….

1. I am currently receiving more than twenty newsletters that are just like yours?

2. I’m not even in the market for buying or selling a house?

3. My brother is a real estate agent so there’s little chance that I would even use you in the first place.

When you send me unsolicited e-mail it is not an effective marketing campaign – in fact – it’s the opposite. It irritates me and I don’t trust you from the start. It’s one thing if I’ve requested to receive your newsletter, but it’s quite another for you to go to events simply to compile a list of names for spamming. (Yep – you’re spamming.)

Do you have the guts (and the quality info) to make your newsletter opt-in only?

2 thoughts on “Attention All Real Estate Agents…

  1. Great post ! I’m a mortgage broker in Atlanta, and most mortgage brokers are exactly the same as realtors. I get a ton of spam from people that I did not ask to join up with.

    My newslettter is an opt in, and if I want you to join I’ll send you an email inviting you to opt in.

    Thanks for calling these folks out !

  2. You go get em! I am very careful to ask people I meet if they want on my mailing list. Most will say yes, but some would rather that I just call or email them a personal report.

    I get a number of newsletters from people who found me on the internet…I have no idea what the newsletter are about since I zap them when they hit my spam folder. It seems a totally waste of time on their part to spend the time and money producing a newsletter that nobody wants.

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