Yikes! Getting What You Wish For

visionboard.jpgI’m about to share something that is intensely personal.

About a year ago I watched a movie called The Secret. Part of me thought it was a hokey, over-simplified way to state the complex state of the universe. But overall, I bought into the underlying theme of the Law of Attraction.

In the movie, they discuss the idea of a vision board – where you collect images of what your “ideal life” would be like and then by looking at these images every day you begin to attract these things into your life. Intrigued, I started my own vision board – and it’s starting to work (yep, that pic is of my vision board).

I’ve been so swamped with new work from amazing clients that I have barely had time to post on my blog. I’ve also shed some relationships that I thought were rock-solid in order to make room for new people that more closely match my “vibration” (or whatever it’s called.)

I guess that’s the dilemma – the classic struggle of so many plotlines (like Aladdin or Bedazzled). What happens when you get what you wish for? How do adjust? What if what you thought you wanted ends up not really being what you want?

They say change is the only true constant in your life – and I believe it. There’s a strange feeling of comfort in change; a welcomed knowing that you are in control of your destiny (although the way it materializes is downright bizzare sometimes).

1 thought on “Yikes! Getting What You Wish For

  1. Hi,
    I like this post – it seems like a very promising idea for me. I watched The Secret recently. Wrote some stuff about it on my blog because I felt like my back was up against the wall and I needed a way out. It no doubt is an appealing concept. I really would like to believe in the idea and make it work for me. But you see, sadly I’m a natural skeptic, and question everything (even though I am open minded). I would love to hear more from you about Vision Boards and how to go about making one/visualizing/etc etc., because I really do need to do that and get out of my current predicament.
    Thanks in advance.

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