Adventures in Amazing Copywriting #6 – Creating Conversation

aussieshampoo.pngThis week’s adventure brings us Down Under with Aussie’s revamped branding. You may recognize their mascot – the iconic kangaroo and their signature purple bottle. But what catches my eye is the overwhelming personality of the product descriptions.

I’ve been an Aussie fan for years and on my list this weekend was to pick up more product for my personal stash. Since the brand rollout, Aussie has introduced new products, which gave me a perfect excuse to take some time to read each description. (Yes, I do enjoy reading the backs of shampoo bottles in my spare time – when they’re well written.) You know the copywriter has done a good job when I’m laughing out loud in the middle of the aisle.

My favorite description comes from their “Clense & Mend” line:

“Sometimes your roots are greasy, your ends are frazzled and your car won’t start. This helps two of those problems.”

“Listen…we’ve all got problems. If yours include greasy roots and frazzled ends, Cleanse & Mend shampoo can cease the crease and quench the tips. If your problems include greasy tips and frazzled roots, you’re in deep trouble.”

Work through your other problems as you work this through your clean, damp hair. Rinse well and prosper.”

And I’m also a fan of their new “sprunch” spray:

“Combine a kickin styling spray with a little scrunch and what do you get? That’s right – Sprunch”

“Spray into your hair as you style. Pretty clever, huh? Spray it all over to set your style, which is even more clever. Clever-er, if you will.”

Add some Roo to your do.

Why this works:

1. Understand Your Target Market. Aussie understands their target market which, I’m guessing is 16 to 35 year old women who are hip, thrifty and down to earth. This style of copywriting might not resonate with everyone, but that’s okay. The quirky conversation tugs at the heartstrings (and pursestrings) of the people who matter most.

2. Conversational Copy Creates Emotion. The overall goal of any copywriting is to sell. When a product or service uses a conversational and descriptive style, an emotional connection is made with the consumer. This emotional connection leads to increased brand loyalty which adds to a customer’s lifetime value.

3. Stand Out. Let’s face it, facts, figures and features are BORING! As a consumer, I have far to much information to filter out already, so to make me notice you – you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Conversational copy can help you do just that.

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7 thoughts on “Adventures in Amazing Copywriting #6 – Creating Conversation

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  2. Hi Andrea,

    I like it too. I’d like to offer a version of the male counterpart that is intimately close to me on at least an every other day basis.

    It’s my Axe (phoenix) shower gel.

    It’s super-sleek, contoured shape in colors black and blue, make it easy to reach as it actually has
    grooves in it to allow your fingers to grip it better.

    The part that had me laughing in the shower the first time I read the back of the axe is the ! Warning!

    “Beware Of the Axe Effect”

    The Axe Effect may result in, but is not limited to,
    unrelenting female attention and/or late nights.

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel more confident after
    turning the shower off, picking up my towel and smelling great.

    Now, if we could just get them to merger.


  3. Who puts ‘life’ into Aussie’s blue roo mascot, in the TV commercials? She seems far more.. ‘animated’ than her first appearance, when she was diving for a ball and landed in the sand. I like to look ‘beyond’ commercials.

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  5. I would love to read some really great twitter and website conversational copywriting examples by interesting established brands. I’ve noticed there’s not really a list of great examples out there. Thanks!

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