Adventures in Amazing Copywriting #4 – Variations on a Theme

eggspectation.jpgToday’s adventure comes to us from Eggspectation – a theme restaurant where the egg is front and center. Just look at their mission statement:

We are a company committed to innovation and eggcellence. Meeting your “eggspectations” is part of our everyday eggsperience, striving to surpass them is what makes us “eggstraordinary.” On this notion, we strive to achieve the best possible in food quality & service while maintaining an overall relaxed & pleasant atmosphere. Welcome to what we call “le cirque des oeufs” an all-day eggsperience.

Looking around at the eclectic decor you can see how the egg theme is all around you through sculptures, paintings & knick-knacks. Even the backs of the chairs bear a familiar oval shape.

The menu is chocked full of continued creative copy with items such as:

– Muffin Eggplosion

– Egg-Chilada

– Eggcitement (French Toast)

– Eggsuberant (Breakfast Combination Platter)

– Uneggspected (Steak & Eggs)

Why this works:

1. Consistency – Using the same word over and over and over again helps solidify your brand in the minds of your customer. Repetition leads to recognition which leads to referrals.

2. Creativity – Clever copy causes clients to stop and think (and maybe even chuckle). Using words in a new way is a great way to help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Capitalize – Creating your own words gives you terms that you can trademark.

One thought on “Adventures in Amazing Copywriting #4 – Variations on a Theme

  1. Andrea,
    I have to disagree slightly on the consistency and creativity of punning and playing on the word “egg”.

    Reading through the mission statement felt like getting stuck in a copywriter’s rut.
    Playing on the word “egg” numerous times in the same paragragh struck me as tired and uninspired.

    I do have to agree with your point that it helps create a sense of brand recognition that you can trademark.

    Thanks for the post.

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