Are you a Sheep or a Mountain Goat?

The Sloan Brothers over at posted an interesting insight into entrepreneurship. After spending time with Seth Godin and his new book The Dip (side note – even though it’s short, it’s a great read and motivational if you find yourself in a “dip”) Rich Sloan poses the question,

But for me, there was a bigger message that jumped out from my time with Seth, and that’s a choice we all have to make as entrepreneurs:

Are you with the rest of the sheep or are you a mountain goat?

Do you identify with this?


Or this?


What an excellent visual association. I left the corporate world (where I felt like I was among sheep) and now work in what feels like almost isolation as a freelance writer/marketing consultant.

It’s good to feel reassured that I’m right where I need to be.

By the way, if you’ve recently started a business – I’d highly recommend checking out It’s a wealth of useful, well-organized information.

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