Adventures in Amazing Copywriting #1

One thing I love about Trader Joe’s is the copy on their private label products. Because of the catchy product titles & descriptions, I’m drawn to the private label products above the others. This is a great strategy for TJ’s because these are the products that have the largest profit margin. Ergo, excellent copy equals more moolah for their bottom line.


The side of the box says:

What do you get when you cross fresh apples with a cereal bar?

A delicious anytime treat that’s ideally suited to an active lifestyle: whether you need a quickie breakfast, a fast snack or just something to tide you over to your next meal. The real punchline here is that these bars are made with organic grains and none of those dreaded hydrogenated oils (very un-funny).

Our cereal bars are jammed with delicious fruit fillings and like other popular bars, ours are individually wrapped for convenience. They’re also low fat, low sodium, and contain selenium.

No joke. These bars are really tasty.

Why this works:

#1 – Catchy Tagline – Get it? Apple filling is in the bar. We’ve all heard a joke “a (insert any random object here) walks into a bar” and this clever twist is both metaphorical and literal. This multi-layered tagline makes readers think (and if they’re like me, chuckle in public.)

#2 – Conversational Tone – Doesn’t it sound like the person who is writing this description is speaking specifically to you. Conversational tone is a great way to draw readers in and make them feel connected to your product.

#3 – Continued Metaphor – Notice how the “joke” theme is carried throughout the copy on the side with words like “What do you get when you cross…”, “The real punchline…”, “very un-funny”, “No joke.” Continuing the metaphor makes the copy feel cohesive and complete.

Genius! Trader Joe’s – your copywriter deserves a raise!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Amazing Copywriting #1

  1. Brilliant. I sometimes think too many boardrooms who pick from the choices an ad company offer are comprised of men who are one step away from retirement, and think color TV is a “new fangled invention”. Maybe that’s because of a lot of the lame, very unfunny adverts which are supposed to be funny. Let’s face it… many adverts are just tacky “one-lame-joke with a cheesy scene (or entire campaign) written for that punchline” have you seen?

    Advertising companies can really let their imagination produce some brilliant work, but the board of the client company have the final say. I tend to praise those who give freedom, originality and humor.

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