Convert Your Website to 2.0 in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Change your font from Times New Roman to Trebuchet MS


Step 2: If the name of your product ends in “er” remove the “e” so it looks cool.


Step 3: Have a white background with any of the following colors: baby blue, light orange, spring green, or gray. Change your black text to dark gray.


Step 4: Add the word “beta” to your site to encourage customer feedback.


Step 5: Instead of using pictures of people – change to cute, cuddly cartoon characters.


**Bonus** Sell your product or service on the basis of connecting people or improving productivity.

Welcome to Web 2.0! Compared to the hype – it’s really not all that different.

2 thoughts on “Convert Your Website to 2.0 in 5 easy steps!

  1. Just to clarify—when you say, “Cute cuddly cartoon characters” were you referring to Seth Godin, or MailChimp?

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