Put Your Mind In the Gutter (Or Else Your Clients Will)

Browsing through Reddit today and ran across this post of Worst Business Name Ever with this photo:


Hopefully you see the obvious problem here.

It reminds me of when one of my friends was pregnant. She and her husband were considering names for the baby and this was the conversation:

Wife: What about Regina? It’s my grandmother’s name.
Husband: Nope. She’ll get teased and get called “Vagina” in school.

Every name my friend threw out had to pass her husband’s “what will kids call her” test. Brilliant! Way to think ahead and catch a potential problem early.

Business owners should apply the same test when naming their business. What will clients call you? And put your mind in the gutter before you spend all the time and money on a name that only gets plastered all over the blogosphere as the worst business name ever.


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7 thoughts on “Put Your Mind In the Gutter (Or Else Your Clients Will)

  1. That one is hard to believe an attorney did not warn them about that name. But I guess the thing that struck me more is, didn’t the owner look at the sign to see the sign was not put up correctly?

  2. WOW!!! I cant believe anyone would actually put up that sign, but I guess many small business owners do not bother to hire a attorney before they open up shop, and I am sure it is even more rare that they consult a marketing consultant!

    Brilliant post! I have added you to Google Reader!

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  4. Ahhhh the value of a single space. If there was a gap between the two words, the obvious would have missed many. I reckon the owner had a million and one things in their heads when interrupted and asked to check if the sign was straight. It’s no excuse though….someone slipped up somewhere. Imagine the type of business the sign makers thought they had as a customer.

    The other obvious reason is the word “Photoshop”. The old line about “the camera never lies” no longer holds. A basic PC and a few minutes could edit a shot like that.

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  6. Do they have a refund policy if it turns out to be a hooligan? By the time it can talk the warranty runs out. Surgery invalidates the warranty. Can you exchange a boy for a girl or vice versa? I assume the feature list has to list possible career aptitudes. I wonder if it’s like a swap or pawn shop, change a screaming kid for a new TV……the jokes are endless.

    Or does it not actually mean they exchange kids?

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