Why Link Love is Bad for Your Blog

Fresh out of college I worked selling ad space for a regional lifestyle magazine. It was a tough sell because the magazine was about 80% advertising and 20% editorial – and people caught on. The lack of original content was ultimately what caused the magazine’s demise.

Similarly, I can predict the same fate for blogs who evangelize link love strategies. Simply creating a list of other blogs or writing a post to the effect of “Read this blog – it’s good” is an ineffective long term strategy for building a quality blog.

If you look at some of the best blogs out there – blogs like ProBlogger, Seth Godin, Copyblogger, or How to Change the World, you’ll notice they never re-hash other people’s ideas. If they do link to another blog it’s with a purpose. If they reference an article they state their opinion. If they use a “tactic” it’s subtle and buffered with mounds of original content.

Unsure you have what it takes to come up with original content on a regular basis? Maybe you shouldn’t be blogging in the first place.


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2 thoughts on “Why Link Love is Bad for Your Blog

  1. I am not sure that’s such a great strategy unless you are the top tier of your blogging community. Consider Steve Rubel, who provides daily link love and is Seth Godin’s top rival in traffic. Blogging circles are stratosphered, so to get attention and allevate you need to link to them as they will eventually return the favor (so long as you do provide original, brilliant content).

  2. Agreed. But I think Steve Rubel’s originality is in his links.

    Recently I’ve seen a lot of posts linking to blogs that don’t comment on the work – it’s just a link – and that was the audience I was aiming for.

    I think blending original content with smart linking strategies is ultimately what’s most effective.

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