Love for All: Taps eHarmony’s Rejects

rejected_picture.jpgMy friend Angela tried her hand at online dating last fall. She began her quest at, mostly as a result of their compelling “Dimensions of Compatibility” campaign.

She logged on, spent about an hour taking the test, and to her surprise, received a “rejection” message.

No matter how kindly eHarmony worded it, Angela was crushed. She wondered what it was that made her inadequate. Was she too picky? Too needy? Too ambitious? Why wasn’t she “good enough?”

While’ s tactic is one way to ensure quality control, it has opened a floodgate for their competition. In a recent press release, announced their plan to target eHarmony’s “rejects” with a campaign that “playfully satirizes the exclusionary nature of eHarmony by depicting men and women who wonder aloud why they have been ‘rejected’ by this site.”

What’s at stake here is more than just the “rejects” – it’s the new users who may not be willing to invest in an hour-long test if there is the potential for rejection. In this game of love – it’s war.


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13 thoughts on “Love for All: Taps eHarmony’s Rejects

  1. E-harmony is like a NAZI SITE. Hitler would LOVE THIS. Selective Breeding, the Aryan Race…Mr. Warren is the biggest hypocrite in the World.On the one hand he touts Christianity and Jesus, then on the other other hand he rejects “Gods Children,” the millions who take the online compatibility test and FAIL.

    What’s wrong with us that we can be with E Harmony? Because Eharmony Discrimates. According to whose rules? Neil Warren and his genius wife, as ONLY THEY know WHY PEOPLE SHOULD FALL IN LOVE, and forget God’s children, eharmony is ONLY ABOUT TAKING MONEY FROM PEOPLE who fit the curriculum of exactly what they want.
    If you want to find love, you have a better chance at the library, and if you want to throw money away or waste time taking a stupid compatibility test in which there is no way you will pass, unless you are BARBIE OR KEN of course, then take it! For me, Neil Warren is an idiot, a selfish, eccentric, foolish man, who would be lucky to make it to the kingdom of heaven considering how many hearts he has broken with his rejection. REJECTION IS THE WORST PART OF LOSING RELATIONSHIPS, and EHARMONY REJECTS YOU WITHOUT EVEN GIVING YOU A CHANCE. IT is immoral, should be illegal and would fit PERFECT IN WWII NAZI GERMANY. WHo knows, maybe NEIL WARREN IS A NAZI?

  2. In response to Mr Bishop,….

    Mr. or Dr.Warren (owner of Eharmony) has the right to do as he sees fit … its his site and he is not harming anyone. While I do not agree with such a stringent compatibility process, I am not the sites owner, and the criteria for accepting applicants is up to the person who owns the site. It is not illegal, immoral, or improper !!!
    If you want to start a dating site that accepts all people regardless of intelligence, “breeding”, emotional maturity, current marital status, psychotic state, etc…. DO IT and shut the hell up.
    Put your money where your mouth is and save the world of broken hearted rejection, otherwise “can it, ya nit”
    Booo hoooo big dating site hurt my little feelers….booo hoooo.
    How about Dating sites ALL be specific and a bit more exclusive in their attraction and acceptance criteria… then we wouldn’t have 200lb men/women describing themselves “Toned and Athletic”.
    I am so sick and tired of the blog world…. whining and complaining about this and that….. shut up and DO something about it you F’ing armchair quaterback panzi’s…. shhheeeeesh !!!

  3. Correction: That is unless you are a fit muscular toned and athletic 200lbs. I am referring to an overweight obese person trying to pawn themself as “toned and athletic.

  4. Look guys, I’m not a Nazi. And the implication is hurtful. I am, however, a geneticist. I believe in creating a perfect race of clones, so that we may better serve the alien life forms who will take us in their big UFOs to the kingdom of Jesus. And they need passive and humble servants, not people who have free will, or are quirky or unique or, Jesus forbid, fun. Don’t you know? It’s a new era in America. Education is out, and dogma is in! Because dogma is the only way to govern the national fervor based on fear. And of course, people like myself get ample donations of murky capital for our startups, so long as we play the game.

  5. PPS: I’m not wearing any pants!!! Haaaa! Don’t you just looooove the internet?

  6. Jesus loves me, yes I know
    But he hates those “other” folks
    I am perfect, yes I am
    Better than the average man
    All you others are so crass
    so come out and kiss my…
    Even though my morals stank
    I laugh all the way to the bank!

  7. Funny, I thought it was America who supports the pure race state of Israel. Talk about creating a 2 state solution, just like the KKK wanted a 2 state solution.

    Talk about racism and bigotry.

    Israeli Zionism = German Nazism = American KKK

    All 3 are political ideologies that seek the creation of a pure race state.

    • America is controlled by Jews. Israel did 911. Jews own the media, banks, government, all of Hollywood. Freemasonry, the secret society is controlled by Jews. Now the Jew Ben Bernanke is planning to destroy the economy of the U.S. so Israel can become the ruling state in the world. Read THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, that’s their plan. Destroy ZOG!

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