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Joost Beta InviteLooking to build buzz about your business? Take a hint from – a new online TV service from the founders of Skype that’s sure to knock the socks off traditional cable. Through a deal with Viacom, offers name-brand channels like MTV, VH1, BET, and Comedy Central. And negotiations with other networks (like CBS) are happening as we speak.

In order to participate in beta, users must receive an “invite” – which is a brilliant way to boost buzz. People will always want what they can’t have. Bloggers sense scarcity and post their desired demand.

It’s no surprise some holders are looking to capitalize on their invitation’s value by posting them on auction sites like eBay or (where bidders offer everything from web hosting services to Belgian chocolate and beer)

This is a similar concept to the crazes of toys such as Cabbage Patch Dolls, Tickle Me Elmo or XBox 360. Low supply + High Demand = Lots of Buzz & Inflated Value

So what does this mean for Blog posts are tangible evidence of demand – which is a big chip to play when negotiating with networks and advertisers.

Only question is – will the product live up to the hype? Bloggers are posting about their desire for the concept – not the product itself. This can be a risky move. It opens up the gates for competitors if doesn’t meet the high expectations they have set for themselves. We’ll just watch (if I get an invite) and see.


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  1. Andrea, it’s an interesting point but have you tried Joost yet? I think it’s pretty impressive. My only major bugbear so far is that some content isn’t available here in Europe.

    Fancy an invite? 😉

  2. Yes I agree with you, joost will have to proove the concept of web TV on demand working in real life, but I guess no one can make this better than the skilled guys and ladies behind joost.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

  3. Joost is no where ready for primetime and they are having issues scaleing the p2p componets with HTTP from the long tail servers this is why its still in limited beta …..Its not really a marketing gimick .

  4. Can you please warn people about, if you’re not a lawyer you won’t be able to really grasp the user agreement. Then it will install about 5 to 7 Trojans and start popping stuff up on the screen whenever you try to surf the net.

    If you have a lab machine I would recommend installing it… however it took me 5 days to clean up the mess on my pc.


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