No more text-n-drive!! introduces hands-free emailing

trafficIt happens every time.

I’m sitting in the car on the DC beltway and *smack* – an idea. Out of nowhere the perfect solution to a problem or a fabulous tagline for a client will magically appear out of thin air. Only problem is – I’m going 85 mph and there’s no way I can write it down (that is without risking a 47 car pileup).

Never fear – is here.

Since I subscribed (for *free*) to I can now call a toll free number from my cell phone (I have it set as number 8 on speed dial. That’s how much I use it). I say my idea into my phone and *poof* – my words are transcribed and automatically sent to my e-mail.



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2 thoughts on “No more text-n-drive!! introduces hands-free emailing

  1. You know even know how much I love Jott for saving us…THE WORLD at that… from driving while texting. Of course…I’ve fallen victim of it…still do, BUT now that I have jott, it makes messaging with my phone THAT much easier AND safer! I hope word of Jott gets around more, especially with WA state banning driving while using your cell phone starting Jan 1, 2008

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