Writing Copy that Sells – Read How You Want to Write

In today’s world of SEO & meta tags writing online copy can be an intimidating undertaking. Eastonweb’s blog has an insightful interview with Lisa Manyon as she shares her tips and tricks for writing website copy that sells. You can view the post by clicking here.

In my experience, people write like what they read. Many of my clients are insurance companies, associations and technical firms. In the initial interview we analyze why their current marketing material isn’t working. I generally hear something along the lines of “we know it’s bad but we just don’t know how to fix it.”

At this point I assure them that the “blahness” of their current copy isn’t their fault. They’re simply writing like what they’re reading. With so much marketing swill in these industries (especially with the dreaded tri-fold brochures) how could they be expected to write any differently?

If you want your copy to be effective you can either:

  1. hire a copywriter who specializes in promotional copy (insert shameless plug here) or you can
  2. start reading the work of lots of expert copywriters.

I read Lorrie Morgan-Ferraro’s Red Hot Copy almost daily and appreciate her conversational style.

Joe Robson tends to have a more to-the-point style and his website www.adcopywriting.com offers some helpful tutorials.

And if you are working with a copywriter for the web, at least ask about SEO (search engine optimization). At this point it’s almost a requirement to understand the basics of how to weave in keywords to help improve your search results.

Happy marketing.


Andrea Morris is a marketing coach who specializes in helping visionaries, entrepreneurs, consultants and small businesses use high-ROI strategies to get the right message to the right people. For more information, please visit writeideasmarketing.com

6 thoughts on “Writing Copy that Sells – Read How You Want to Write

  1. No need to apologise for a shameless plug!
    I do not know how to do this but I think it comes from within.
    Write like you care and are enthused. It comes through some how in the writing. Unfortunately writing SEO can be a little skewed but I agree you must learn the basics. It is money well spent.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. You are absolutely right about the importance of reading work from other pro’s and Lorrie is a fantastic example of great, conversational copy that truly connects with readers.

    Wishing you contined success in your copywriting adventures.

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  4. Ms. Goulet,

    I am the person who conducted the interview with Lisa Manyon mentioned in your post above. Thank you for the reference in your post above.

    Your post hits home. As visual people we are instinctively drawn to the design and layout of our marketing tools but it is the quality of the copy that in the end drives the message home.

    I for one suggest that every business owner or marketer retain a good copywriter, skilled at sales driven copy and SEO basics. Even if you are good writer, your time will be better spent managing your business vs. managing this task. A wise person once told me that, “even if you are good at something, it doesn’t mean you should do it.” Hire an expert!

    John Easton

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