– I love you!!!

Our mattress was terrible. I mean really bad. We talked about getting a new one for years and never quite got around to it. Then the other day I got my freecycle e-mail and saw someone was moving and giving away their brand new, still wrapped in the plastic, top of the line Ikea mattress. I emailed them, picked it up, and am now sleeping

This is the miracle of – an online community where the term “trash to treasure” is brought to life. Freecycle works through Yahoo! Groups and basically has just a few rules. All items posted must be:

  • free
  • legal
  • appropriate for all ages

Another shining example of a Web 2.0 site that has turned information into an experience (and boy am I glad). I also love the name – it’s memorable, easy to say and accurately describes the services. Kudos.


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3 thoughts on “ – I love you!!!

  1. My goodness I checked this out in my area and it truly is stunning. Kermit the frog would be proud. “It is getting easier to be green” Hey maybe another marketing idea for you to explore.

  2. my friend went on, and on how great your program is , and how many great items he has found,and what great treasures can be found. I would enjoy to be a part of of this new wave of treasure hunting. regards tom madigan

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