Could you win Richard Branson’s $25 Million Dollar Prize?

Richard Branson & Al GoreSir Richard Branson, the quirky and exuberant executive of Virgin (airlines, mobile, records, and the list goes on…) announced today a $25 million reward to the first scientist who can create “a commercially viable design which results in the removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases so as to contribute materially to the stability of Earth’s climate.” For details, you can check out

Branson, a PR guru, has demonstrated a valuable lesson on how to capitalize on your philanthropy. Rather than simply stroking a check, using an innovative approach to a cause that you believe in (who doesn’t love a contest?) is a sure-fire way to generate buzz.

Now, you may be saying – I don’t have $25 million to promote my business. That’s not the point – it’s the ingenuity I’m pointing out. Think outside the checkbook and notice what motivates people.


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A number of people have left comments asking me to contact them about their submission for this contest. I am not affiliated with this contest and my blog was mearly a commentary on the publicity tactics of Richard Branson. To enter, you must visit Click on terms and conditions for contest details.

Best of luck.

Andrea Morris
Write Ideas Marketing

24 thoughts on “Could you win Richard Branson’s $25 Million Dollar Prize?

  1. Positive energy gives off negative energy ( If you live in a house where electrical cables are above , you will suffer headaces, etc.) That negative energy should be used to feed the world, start a car or motor & drive it for ever. No filling up, not even aeroplanes . But who is prepared to put in that amount of money that will totally re invent the wheel.
    A confidentiallity agreement has been signed ; want to know more?
    The prize is much lower than you think.

  2. This may motivate the “private” scientist who does work on his own. Many great discoveries and inventions have been accomplished by people working out of their own basements and workshops. This offer may produce another such result.

  3. Does anyone know how to submit an idea to this contest? I really have a simple an in-expensive idea to remove a billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and I can’t figure out how to enter.

    Paul Cyr

  4. What’s your Idea Paul….if you remove billions of tons of carbon dioxide, what do you do with it?

  5. how do you enter this contest? removing carbon dioxide is not impossible or even difficult. If anyone knows how to enter please post it.

  6. Hi, I am a engineer from Wolvercote, Oxford & live not far from Richard Bransons Kidlingtons residense, I have an idea as to cut the effects of Global Warming, My plan envolves a project in Space, This plan was also sugested by a scientist on a documentary on BBC, You can contact me on my mobile, 07756127748. F.C. Worrall.

  7. To whom it may concern

    My partner and I have developed a way to operate a vehicle for less than a $1.00 a day that does not use fuel thus not causing an emmissions issue. We would like to enter our submission by showing our JB system will eliminate future emmissions . PLEASE CONTACT US SO WE CAN ENTER OUR SUBMISSION PRPERLY


  8. A number of people have left comments asking me to contact them about their submission for this contest. I am not affiliated with this contest and my blog was mearly a commentary on the publicity tactics of Richard Branson. To enter, you must visit Click on terms and conditions for contest details.

    Best of luck.

    Andrea Morris
    Write Ideas Marketing

  9. Hi,
    My husband is patented for the next generation of Solar generating power. You can read about us at: It is going to produce all the power this country needs and we will sell it at a discount. We are in the process of trying to raise the funds we need to bring this new dream into being and we need help. We believe that if the little guys, the poor, the old and the infirmed knew about this new way of producing clean power and sell it at a discount would most likely offer to help us if they could. There are other great things we are going to do also. One is to put a certain amount of stock on the side and as each city comes on line with Clean and Green all the firemen and policemen in that city will share in the money those stocks generate. Later as we grow we plan on doing something just like that for our teachers too, just a little different, they will have to keep increasing their education so they become better teachers. Of course Clean and Green will help those teachers with the cost of their education. Our company is just going to get better and better as we grow. And the faster we grow the cleaner our environment becomes. It’s a win win situation. I hope someone reads this and gets back with us with some way of helping. I’ll just keep contacting everyone I can think of until I can get this out for the people of this Great Country. God Bless Everyone Who Reads This.

    Flo Fox-Connelly

  10. Küresel ısınma yarışmasına talibim .yetkililerin istedikleri karbondioksidi toplıyacagım.Havayada bu gazı salmıyacağım.Yaptığım filitre ile bacalardan karbon gazı çıkmıyacak. katı yakıtı en azamiye indireceğim. merkezi ısıtma sistemi uyğuluyacağım. arabaların eksozdan çıkan ğazı en azamiye indireceğim.hava kirliliğini sıfırlıyacağım. devamını daha sonra yazacağım. Türkiye den Rıdvan Yamuç

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  12. I invite Sir Richard Branson, who is very hard to get hold of, to have a look at the MYT Engine at Angel Labs LLC ( ) and see just how impressive it really is. I am not an engineer, or know anything at all about engines, but I do have a basic understanding of how things work.
    This amazing Massive Yet Tiny (or MYT) Engine is madde up of only 32 parts, and only 16 moving parts. It gives out 150-200 Miles per GALLON in either Diesel or Petrol, and can run on either fuel. When in operation, this engine burns ALL fuel put into it in the combustion stage.
    The MYT Engine can be made as small as a 35 mm Film Cannister and be used to power a small Motorbike, or Microlight. On the bigger scale, a 14 inch engine can replace the HUGE diesel engine used in 18 wheelers and do the very same job, only with more power and at 150 MPG. THese same engines can also be used to power Airliners. Something very close to Sir Richard’s heart these days.
    Please, Sir Richard, or anyone close to him who may be reading this, please have a look at the Angel Labs site? I have nothing at all to do with them. I only discovered them before Xmas last year and was blown away by what I found. I think the MYT Engine may benefit you and Virgin Everythjing in a BIG way.
    Thank you for your time.
    Paul F. McCourt,
    Turangi, NZ

  13. Hi Richard,

    I have brought all your books.

    I am a Richard Branson number one fan!!!

    I have this business idea, which could, be the next milti million dollar idea.

    The reason why I am writing this e-mail to you is becuase you have the contacts a know people in the right places, this would be advantagous to me and you becuase I know if excuted well this will become a big money spinner for you and I.

    However I am not willing to disclose any fine detail over the Internet.

    I need your you to contact me.

    Thank you


    Anand Nagar
    7 Twomey Grove
    New Zealand
    PH: 04 3877-015
    MOB: 021 26-76-236

  14. sliding try this
    The act of keeping or protecting from loss or injury. The preservation of natural resources as forests, fisheries, ECT, for economic or recreational use; also, an area so preservation.

    I believe that all I have, to do is just find one (thing) that will inspire or touch hearts, to open minds hopefully to the realization, that something new or radical “must be considered”, for today’s ever changing environment!

    Over the last 100 years we have far exceeded our forefathers expectations, planes, trains and auto mobiles sanitary standards, but even with all these successes, unfortunately we have managed to leave ourselves short, “global warming” but yet still manage to astonish many of our peers with our willingness to prolong our existence, from the back yard inventor too highly regarded men and women of the scientific workings of the world, all dedicated to there chosen arts, all trying to make a difference.

    But some times creating one invention could devastate many industries, because of its ability to eliminate jobs once produced, and then this leaves the equilibrium unbalance

    Politically speaking if we take away today’s desired means of economic sustainability, this could create a downfall in employment and offend many businesses, there for creating more difficulties within society.

    So as not too compromising a loss of jobs within the future, I would love to try, something that could play a tremendous part in strengthening infrastructures, against global warming and create wealth and increase the morel living standards, of every nationality, and bring hope to those less unfortunate.

    By using per-existing means (of not forgotten) but means of transport which we only use in our recreational, army and police training lives, like the one aim going to propose, because of its flexibility to be adapted into any environment or environmental issues which may need to be addressed.

    Now pretend we are hovering high up in the sky with little wings on your backs and
    Your only 40 millimeters tall, looking down onto, the roof tops of modern society.

    First of all it starts to rain, Of cause we get knocked down onto the rooftop, and get washed off into the guttering system, then down the drain pipe we go, hold your breath, watch out for that left its a do zee, then washed down the street to its lowest destination accumulating and some times flooding can occur, then left to evaporate or washed into a elaborate net work of storm water out lets from our cities.
    Now Instead of wasting this water from low lying areas or cities, let’s take a detour and put in a three columns pit, with storm water and surge capabilities, and maybe we can fit in a green waste system as well which will also create methane.

    Then with the “help” from some of those geneses using modern technology, pump these effluents upward into a series of pipe lines, approximately 4.6meters or so above the ground level, then be gravity or force feed, diagonally across streets, so as not to inhibit with native furor as much.

    Leading these pipe lines directly, to their designated area, dams, water storage facilities, tips, farmers and countries.

    Enabling use too utilize, these three essential rare commodities.

    Instead of recycling effluent: or desalination.
    And at the same time run new green power supplies, solar paneling, organic matter, or turbines, all optional?

    And Telecommunications, Creating a corridor for national security, doctors police, by running separate lines.

    Or for high risk bush fire areas, place in water canons or some think along those lines, as long as it soaks the ground or surrounding trees or areas.

    Then recycle the old and outdated, telegraph poles and lines plus phone lines, ECT.

    Reduce cars from our roads.

    By implementing, a new means of transport, at the same time “which I will get to in one minute”.

    Because we will never completely, eliminate or eradicate cars nor would I even suggest that as they are apart of our society.

    Now as we fly out the end refreshed, pop back to normal size, still got little wings if you want.

    Proceeding on looking back over, the path in which we have just traveled high above City Street out of danger from cars and natural disasters.

    Enabling us to economize on waste, and renew old and out dated weaknesses within to days society, with out major interruptions.
    Page 9
    Get them wings back on, but we better be between the age of “say’ thirteen and sixty take your choice, young, youthful, daring and open minded, resilient and strong preparing to take on life’s offerings.

    Now I’m going to give you a three wheeler trike, with a catch its hopefully has a flying fox set up on it, so you can put your feet on the handle bars whilst holding onto the rear axles.

    Want to go for a ride, no it’s not going to be easy it’s got no engine, “but you never know there is a lot of smart people out there” suck o, it’s pedal power; you will just have to get fit, cardiovascular work out whilst we go for a ride, or SLIDING as I like to call it. Maybe we can do some thing like a skate board too.

    Now armed with a new means of transport, “mum – dad” I m going to school now (bye) of to work darling or honey.

    Safety equipment: Hares “can’t have you falling off now” trike holder, “that’s on the side of your known water proof back pack, for cloths or shopping. (Cosmetics) what ever.

    Then walk up or down the street to a junction point, were we proceed, to climb a ladder or a rock climbing style surface, up to a landing were a “worker” will assist you to, remove your custom made tyke from our shoulder, place it onto a side ramp or junction point, enabling us to peddle off into a web of, a two to three lane velordrome style cycle way, in a semi or fully enclosed pipe line tunnel.

    Then to get off use slide poles or ropes down to the ground.

    And the ladders and slide poles serving as the means of getting the effluents up there.

    This dose not need to be set up everywhere, low lying points to start following up river and creek systems in the cities were there is more roof coverage to collect the rain water and food scraps, on the roads acting as a barrier, to protect against flooding in places were erosion and tsunami a cur.

    Where the high voltage power lines run using the flying fox set up, just build a bit more on the side. Train lines, express ways all good open spaces.

    Using hemp rope and hemp also has very high oxygen out put. The water and green waste can be below on ground level with a tunnel too for the tyke and if we had a water slide system it would be a nice way to cool off heat the water.

    This would not only be 90 to 99% environmentally friendly once built, it would also be a FUN. (Way of getting around)

    For hygienic reasons, place showers at work places or for well populated areas implement, ample grooming facilities. “Well we do live in a modem day society”.
    And all these little things will create even more work.

    Now to answer some of the questions and criticisms, I most commonly encounter.

    What will it look like, do you think people will like the look of a pipe line, running down there street “that is my most hated question. As I believe the benefits far out way what it will look like. “Put in some native breeding boxes have been suggested”

    How do you plan on funding such a project?

    By asking every one over the age of sixteen for one dollar a week “small price too pay”.

    Im sure that people will give more than that, if they believe that the project will help the economy and sustainability, for future generations to come.

    People like Bill Gates, Dick Smith, musicians, doctors, lawyers, exta.

    What will you receive in return, for your dollar a week?

    Well I’m under the impression that if you had no job, for your dollar a week, and with a job unfortunately, and working on a project for the environment and a bit of your time say four days a week.

    I reckon a minimum of 350 plus dollars a week. “Depending on what position you hold.

    Which would lead to paying less tax, due to not have to pay as many people on unemployment benefits? Subsequently enabling economic growth, or in plain words enabling unemployed people to buy the thing they can not usually afford. This would in turn make growth in our all ready established sectors.

    I have had many conversations about employment and have been told stories about the “facts” that there is a lot of employment but the real truth of the matter is, that when the paper lands on my door step “for example” and I ring up for a job, they inform me that they have all ready have 20 or more phone calls not every one has the same capabilities or qualifications people need to feel comfortable, “I have come to the persuasion that I don’t like jobs were I’m confided too small places its all right if I’m by my self” and some people just don’t read or write very well, so that gets rid of many opportunity’s .

    This development will create much employment in the blue collar worker areas and with so many people already holding reputable jobs, so for those holding experience, placement is obvious.

    This is not a job for just one party (to take a hold of and proclaim copy rights to), for it to work it must; far out exceed human’s expectations of resilience and sustainability for the future. Page11
    And what are the benefits.

    Building such a project will profoundly reduce Green house emissions from.

    Cars: “emissions”

    Power stations: “not having to burn as much coal”

    By implementing: “solar paneling into the roofing witch covers the cycle way”

    Radiation: “From power lines”

    Provide: Clean “drinking water”

    Recycling green food waste: “by placing mulcher in our house hold sinks”

    Will create employment: “In every industry”

    Fashion: “will change”

    Music: “I believe will move forward”

    Politics (both) Political and universal issues “will have to be discussed”

    The possibilities are end less

    Once upon a time so the stories go. For example: there was only ever only one way in and out of Sydney to Parramatta and that was via an old dirt road, now due to progress we have several different avenues, to venture to and fro from major cities.

    Keeping cars out of the cities has been an idea.

    Drive to a point where we have got for example a 15 lane cycle way into the cities is my idea.

    That’s a taste of what we can achieve, little bit unsightly we can work on that someone suggested hydroponics’ on the side to cover it up a bit.

    What if we put in a plug so when the lines gets full of water we can pull it, and really slide, its all in the preparation we got say two, three lanes, or just run a separate slide modify it.


    Once were got this sit up we might be able two dig up a street or two and make water carriage ways float along shore line city streets or when were on holidays wouldn’t it be nice at Bali anywhere, I reckon it would take a good hit from a storm protect our shore lines enable us to get out of harms way in natural disasters allowing us to get to safety.

    What if we did not go up 2.6meters high, and we just dig up a road our two.
    Our build sides on it, like a barrier along the side of train lines, were our high voltage power lines, run down express ways, big banked corners on a tyke or a water slide.

    Along for shores, low laying areas: will help with erosion by running drainage systems into low laying areas


    Because some people say” the future is bleak and man has all ready destroyed this
    Planet”, in other words they all ready have us dead and buried. What sort of out look does this send to our children! and we wonder why. (I could say many things, but that’s sort of not what this is all about)


  15. Hello, I am only 17 years old with NO funding at all, but I think I have come up with a viable plan. It is very much in the planning stages but I need somebody, or some people with knowledge in certain subject areas to let me know if it is possible or if I am just swinging at nothing!

    if you are looking to help me out (and NOT steal my idea, because I WILL be quite vague if I feel you just want an idea for yourself) please email me at

    This is a way to get rid of Carbon in the air not only to reduce emissions, I wish to pursue this but lack the resources!

  16. This is the problem people have on these days. If you have an idea but no fund to produce it but reluctant to tell other about that idea therefore you are walking on the fine line. 1. You can easily forget about it or risking a chance for somebody who could steal it if they find out. 2. You can do some more brainstorming until you see the result and save enough so that you can patent that idea. Note: Even patent itself is getting very frustrating
    Key to remember is that all crooks are out there to yank a piece out of you.


  17. Richard Branson is such a legend!!!

    I just found a site the other day that gives his book away for free. I read it and it is amazing. He is such a role model for aspiring entreprenuers.

    I suggest others grab the free book from the site I found – Wealth Creation Professionals -


    Peter D

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