Superbowl Ads – And the winner is…

Ok, so I’m a day late. Things came up and all I could think about was getting my blog up. Anyway – here we go…..

The winners of the 2007 Write Ideas Marketing Superbowl Commercial Contest are…. (drum-roll please)

Best Use of a CelebrityRevlon for their use of Sheryl Crow (Sorry, Jessica Simpson – we’ve all had enough of you)

Most ControversialSnickers “Man Kiss” (Again, sorry – your campaign was too predictable)

And as predicted – this is already being protested by several groups. Click here for a blog about it.

Most EffectiveBudweiser – Dalmatian – a classic hero’s story with cute puppies, how can you go wrong?

Best New Product/Service – OK, I’m getting rid of this category because there weren’t any real “new” products or services this year – just lots of big players that we’ve seen before

Funniest Bud Light – “No Speak English” – celebrating the diversity of the USA – we all found this hilarious (note, this was also a runner up for best use of a celebrity (Carlos Mancia) and Most likely to be blogged about)

Best Tagline – Coca-Cola – Coke celebrates Black History….especially today. Nice touch and not over the top.

Biggest Waste of MoneySierra Mist – just because you throw a bunch of B-list celebrities in a commercial doesn’t make it funny or effective

Most likely to be blogged about/talked about around the water coolerBud Light “Slap Shake” – reminiscing the classic “whassup” – let’s just hope this one doesn’t catch on

As predicted, Amheiser-Busch was the big winner sweeping a total of 3 out of 8 (make that 7) categories. Well played! Your advertising and marketing team deserves a bonus!


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