Mac Ads – a witty response to Microsoft Vista

I’m a big fan of the ads that Mac has put out recently. You know – the ones where there’s a conversation between the “mac” and the “pc” Click here to view them all.

Why do I think they’re effective? Here’s a list:

  • Scripted in their customer’s language – like when PC say’s he’s going to listen to some “emo”
  • Effective use of metaphors and imagery – like when PC is having a camera installed
  • Mac does not speak ill of his competition, yet still points out his benefits – when they’re in therapy Mac tells PC “You’re a wiz with numbers and dress like a gentleman.”
  • Simple – you don’t need to “think” to understand the message

The latest ad talks about how the upgrade to vista is “sugery” – again an effective illustration.

Mac is even spreading their message to the UK. Click here to see the UK ads.

Kudos Mac!


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1 thought on “Mac Ads – a witty response to Microsoft Vista

  1. These commercials are awesome and really dig at the weaknesses of the PC. Kudos to the mac people who bring these points out in such a “playful” way.

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