Superbowl & Oscars Consumer Created Ads – 15 minutes of fame? Try 15 seconds.

Ok. We all know that Superbowl, which airs on CBS is the most expensive time to advertise on TV – with this year’s cost exceeding $2.6 million according to a recent article from The second runner up – The Oscars, which airs on ABC is a comparitive deal at a mere $1.7 million according to the New York Times.

Maybe that’s why so many companies who are planning on advertising during these unofficial American holidays are saving money by encouraging their consumers to produce the ads for them.

One such company is Dove and their new product Dove Cream Oil. Check out the top ten runners up at their website The winner of the contest will have their commercial aired February 25th during the Oscars.

Not to be outdone – CBS, inspired by Andy Warhol and the notion that “everyone will have their 15 minutes (make that seconds) of fame,” has designed a contest where videos are uploaded to and you can “tell the world whatever you want to.” The rules are simple and can be viewed here:


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