Itube, Youtube, WeTube has been named one of the most influential websites of 2006. Why? What is the future of this website?

Professional frisbeer Zak George posts this question saying why do “We Tube”?

Interesting thoughts. How will youtube change our culture?

Sometimes, when I look at youtube, I see it as a collection of the long-running America’s Funniest Home Videos. Between the treadmills, the evolution of dance, and more “Weird Al” than I could ever want – it’s sometimes difficult to dig down to the deeper issues.

Personally, I see streaming video sites, like youtube but for a specific niche (take education for example) popping up very soon. Perhaps, much like wikipedia has reduced the barrier to entry for encyclopedia-like knowledge – in 10 years or so you’ll be able to download for free all of the lectures of a college degree – especially with the introduction of fios (fiberoptic cables allowing speeds up to 10MB/sec). Spending four years at a physical university may become unnecessary (as is already a trend with online courses).

Who knows?


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