Internet Slang

So I was using one of my favorite reference books, Slang, by Paul Dickson and I ran accross some pretty interesting Internet terms.slang-thumbnail.jpg

Angry Fruit Salad – a website with too many bright colors

Bandwith Hugger – Someone who fights spam. According a junk e-mail glossary in the October 2005 issue of Inc. magazine, “So called because he won’t yield any system capacity [bandwidth] to junk e-mail.”

Bit Barfing – Overwhelming web visitors with extensive information

Cobweb – a Web site that is never updated

GMTA – Great minds think alike

Ham – good e-mail. Not Spam

LSHITIWMP – Laughing so hard I think I wet my pants

Netiquette – Online etiquette. One basic rule: All caps are rude. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOUT, SO DON’T DO IT, OK?


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6 thoughts on “Internet Slang

  1. Those are great. I never read anything like that. I have a book of slang, called Flappers to Rappers. That’s very interesting.

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