Verizon Fios – All that from that itty-bitty cable?

I can’t wait!

My condo unit was wired today for Verizon Fios (Fiberoptic Service) which will be able to deliver me internet speeds of up to 10GB/second. Wow. Ok. Let me digest that.

That’s over 1000 times the speed of what I have today (and I don’t consider what I have “slow”)

Funny – I spoke with a “tech-guy” today at a networking event and he think’s that’s “more processing speed that we would ever need.” Did you really just say that?

My Dad (who was in IT programming) laughed at a similar situation with a colleague in the 60’s who said there would be “no need for processing speed at more than 1KB per second.” Proved him wrong. And it probably won’t take us long to figure out what to do with “all that extra speed.”

I’m signing up ASAP and can’t wait! Now if I could just type at 1GB/second – then we’d really be talking.


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3 thoughts on “Verizon Fios – All that from that itty-bitty cable?

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